2019 Blizzard Of Clods

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On Monday 2019-01-28 the Weather Readers said that we'd be getting 12-18" of snow the next day starting around 4 PM, so I decided to take screencaps from my Ring Security Camera to document everything for my friends & followers.  The Cliff's Notes version is that, while we got a lot of snow, the Weather Readers were WAY OFF as far as when & where...

Tuesday 2019-01-29 4 PM

Storm is supposed to start now.

Tuesday 2019-01-29 6 PM

We got a dusting.

Tuesday 2019-01-29 9 PM

A little more snow - maybe an inch.  But that was it for Tuesday.

Wednesday 2019-01-30 5 AM

This is what I woke up to see.  12-18" my ass!

Wednesday 2019-01-30 9 AM

It did start to snow around 7 AM & it was coming down pretty good.

Wednesday 2019-01-30 10 AM - 6 PM

The camera was literally frozen because the temp was 0°F/-18°C with a Wind Chill of -21°F/-29°C

Wednesday 2019-01-30 1 PM

The Weather Readers told us that the National Weather Service told them that there was officially a Blizzard Warning in effect.  For that to happen, you need to have 3 straight hours of continuous snowfall along with sustained winds over 35mph.  So now, after not getting the 18" they predicted for Tuesday, we could be getting double that Wednesday & Thursday.  Erie County then issued a State Of Emergency & a Travel Ban for the areas in red above (I live around the X)

Wednesday 2019-01-30 7 PM

I took this pic about 10-15 minutes after I finished shoveling & snow blowing.

Wednesday 2019-01-30 9 PM

Call Mr. Plow, That's My Name. That Name Again Is Mr. Plow!

Thursday 2019-01-31 5 AM

The Weather Reader just said we've only gotten 12" total with another 4-7" expected today.  Wind Chill will be -30°F/-34°C

Thursday 2019-01-31 9 AM

Here's a video of me snow blowing - Enjoy!

Thursday 2019-01-31 10 AM

All done!

Thursday 2019-01-31 1 PM

It's snowing again!

Thursday 2019-01-31 3 PM

Looks like we're getting about 1"/hour

Thursday 2019-01-31 7 PM

I gotta admit that I kinda enjoy blowing snow

In Closing...

This is the pic I took before the storm/blizzard started.  If you put your mouse over it, you'll see what it looked like 2 days later.

Bottom line is I had high hopes for this page.  I could string all these pics together in a slideshow to show you how quickly the snow was piling up.  I could post vids where you couldn't see the house across the street.  But in the end, this blizzard was a DUD!

Merry St Patricks Day

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