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Surround Sound Speaker Options

Posted 2015-06-17

A friend of mine asked if I could look into some surround sound speaker options, so I went to my favorite website Amazon & searched for, of course, Bose.  What I found, aside from the fact that there is no such thing as a truly wireless surround sound speaker system, were these 2 systems that I recommended to them:

Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Entertainment Speaker System (Black):
When did the price of the Bose Acoustimass systems drop so much??  I can remember paying about $700 when I bought my 1st Bose Acoustimass speakers in the early 90's...and those were just stereo! (was surround sound around then?)  This system costs $369 (with FREE shipping if you have Amazon Prime)  If you plan on mounting them to a wall or ceiling, you're going to need the brackets.  Bose does sell them, but at $35 each, that's $175 for all 5!  A cheaper option that works with the Bose Acoustimass speaker system is offered by Seismic Audio for less than the cost of ONE of the official Bose brackets.  And lets face it, you're not buying Bose speakers because they make nice brackets, so go with the cheaper option :)  And, if you want to cut the amount of wires that you'll have behind the stereo in half, this wire adapter kit is EXTREMELY handy...just ask my wife!

Bose CineMate 130 Home Theater System:
If you're looking for a system with a lot less wires, this one looks to be pretty gosh darn good!  Instead of 5 speakers, it's a 3 foot soundbar that you place in front of your TV.  It has a small control console with 5 total HDMI inputs (1 for your TV and 4 for everything else) as well as an optical, coaxial and analog connections (1 each).  It is also SoundTouch enabled, so it will easily hook up to your Wi-Fi if you wanted to listen to internet radio & whatnot.  This system costs $1299 (with FREE shipping if you have Amazon Prime) which seems like a lot of money just to have less wires running thru the living room.

My friend also wanted to remind them about the OxiClean pretreatment laundry spray that I often brag about on social media & at parties Hello!

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