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10% Off Fantasy Football Draft Boards/Kits!

Get 10% off your order at Bruno's Draft Boards/Kits by using this link!

Posted 2015-06-23

Stop buying 4x8 shower whiteboards from Home Depot every year! Stop doing math, making marks, and drawing lines! Stop having to spell players names to your clueless Draft Board Girl! For as little as $26 (after your 10% discount) you can eliminate ALL those problems!

For the 3rd year in a row, the fantasy football league that I'm in is once again using a custom fantasy football draft kit from Bruno's Draft Boards/Kits - and WOW! Does it save time! (especially for me, since I host the draft & usually had to do all the above prep work by myself lol)

I'm in a 12 team, 28 round, IDP league & just put my order in. We'll be getting a paper board to attach to the Reusable Elevated Tension Stand that we bought the 1st year. The board will have our league name on the top, a spot for each individual team's name, and then 28 rows for our 28 rounds. We also ordered the Extra Deep Player Pool for both offense & defense. And, they threw in some beer koozies for shits & giggles! All this costs us a little over $8 each.

We didn't need them, but not only can you get stickers for punters and coaches, they also have Salary Cap/Auction stickers, as well as Position Labels for position-based drafts.

And, you can go balls out at this place with their Draft Board Genie, where you can really personalize it! (think league and team logos)

You can also order a reusable draft board with removable labels & save some money over the next few years. I forget why we didn't do this LOL

And finally, Bruno's Draft Boards/Kits also offers Fantasy Hockey and Baseball Kits!

If getting all this crap together usually falls into your lap, get with your league members NOW and convince them that your league needs one of Bruno's Draft Boards/Kits - and don't forget to use this link to get 10% off! Greenguy89

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